Anthony Aguirre on Cosmology, Zen, Entropy, and Information

Sean Carroll’s Mindscape

Gravity Waves Explained by Physicist Anthony Aguirre

The 7th Avenue Project

Listen to the March 15, 2016 program featuring Anthony discussing recently discovered gravitational waves.

Are We Living in a Multiverse?

SETI Talks

About a decade ago, we completed an epochal transformation in the understanding of our cosmos, unraveling a broad and deep understanding of how the observable universe has evolved from a hot, dense state 13.7 billion years ago.

Closer to Truth

Robert Lawrence Kuhn interviews Anthony for his series on Cosmos, Consciousness and Meaning

How are Multiple Universes Generated?

Did God Create Multiple Universes?

Do Multiple Universes Surely Exist?

What Can We Know in a Super-Large Universe?

What Happens in Black Holes?

Why There is “Something” Rather Than “Nothing”

What Would an Infinite Universe Mean?


Echoes of the Big Bang: Anthony Aguirre on the BICEP2 Experiment

The 7th Avenue Project

Click below to listen to the March 23, 2014 program featuring Anthony discussing cosmic inflation and the findings of the BICEP2 experiment.


For more background on inflation theory, listen to the 2011 interview with Anthony.